Working For the Weekend

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So this will be a short update.
I’m quite busy with a number of things, but most importantly

New to this blog? Well, you can see old posts HERE.

Essentially, it’s the most awesome, girls getaway estrogen filled, art-tastic, mother no more, weekend EVER!!
This year I have the honor of hosting it with the wonderful, Heather, from Write.Drink.Sew.Repeat. So, we have a number of crafty fun items planned, lots of wonderful food & dare I say, 
adult beverages. 
The best part, sleeping in.
Okay.  So maybe not the best, but it’s definitely up there!
I hope to share TONS about it when I get back and you can then wallow in jealousy of our awesomeness & the fun that was had. 
Also, I’m hoping to start sharing some of my favorite ladies with you on some of these Thursdays.  One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Where do you find time?!”  I plan to answer that, but I hope to share some other amazing women & their stories, struggles, and tips. 
So, have a great weekend.  I know I will.