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I totally did it. Yep, look up in your navigator bar. We are officially holeysocksart.com now. Sorry mom. I know you’ll miss the old site, but really they are turning into pretty big kids with holey socks.
I’m pretty proud that I pulled it off, but I did have quite a bit of help from the information superhighway. Wonder Forest was a great help in changing the domain name.  It’s amazing how much help is out there.  And as always, Heather over at Write.Sew.Drink.Repeat was a god-send!  I’ve been pinning quite a few of the great sites I’ve used on my Pinterest Board “Sell Yourself”.
Other than all this blog rearranging I’ve been trying to streamline my jewelry making process. I have my first actual craft show coming up at Fairview Gardens on May 8th.  Just in time for Mother’s Day.
I’ve been converting my hand drawn designs to vector images in Adobe Illustrator and printing them on inkjet shrink plastic paper.  It’s a bit more work originally but definitely cuts down on time in the long run. It’s also giving me crisper whites on many of the images.  There is a bit of change to the shrinkage amount and round objects distorting a bit more.
I spent the evening last night gocco-ing bags with my shop name and hope to create an original card just in time for Mother’s Day. My kitchen table was covered. A little ink goes a long way…
Each time I pick it up I remember how much I love that stupid little gizmo. It’s too bad that screens and bulbs are getting so expensive! Yikes!  If anyone out there has any gocco supply hookups I would LOVE to hear about them!