Winter Retreat

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I don’t know if any of you remember my talk of Lovebomb last year, not that I said much as I was most greedy about the experience. (Don’t know what a Lovebomb is or want to start your own? See here).

Simply put, it’s a girls weekend that is designed to foster creativity and connection. Well, it was such a success that we couldn’t wait a whole year and decided to have a little spring get together- minus the spring apparently!

This time was different.  More pressures from our outside schedules limited our time a bit more.  We had so much to catch up on now having developed these initial relationships that more time was done doing this and working on projects of our own desire in a communal setting.  Less time to coordinate and plan- definitely more impromptu. It was grande, truly, I don’t want to imply otherwise, but not quite as magical as the first.

Time with other women with similar interests is so bone crushingly amazing that I cannot seem to describe it other than it seems to quench a dire thirst I never realized I had. The group is amazing and I feel like I connect with each of them differently on so many levels and for reasons other than we both just happen to have procreated.  It’s amazing and something that I find lacking in my day to day.

Creativity is a very important part of who I am and I don’t know that I feel as though I get to experience that wholly with others.  Deep, intense, honest conversations flow naturally and remind me that I am who I am and even when different I am a loving, thinking being who matters and that I have so much to bring to the table of life and be proud of.

For those of you about to gag right now, I apologize.  It does sound saccharine and cliche I’m sure, maybe even a little “Red Tent”-ish but is that really so bad?  Aren’t you a little bit jealous?  I know that I would be.  Making friends is hard.  Finding people who let you be 100% honestly you is even harder if not near impossible.  Thank you so much, Heather, for letting me join you in these adventures!

I don’t have much in the way of pictures.  I hate lugging cameras and left that to Heather as she adores it.  If you haven’t checkout out her blog yet and are seriously into humor, photography, or Project Life you should seek her out at Write.Drink.Sew.Repeat. Also, she is a personal technology coach so if someone you know (or even you) needs help with one of your gadgets she is just the person to help!  

At each event we bring a small gift to share.  This year I received from Jacki a beautiful yellow ranunculus plant and a beautiful woven bag stating “loved 1”.  It completed my odd empty spots in my living room and fulfilled those nesting part in me that long for beauty.