Why to Buy Handmade

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This is such an easy question and yet as I begin to draft it I think of so many tangents and find it’s not as easy as I initially thought.
As I’ve began to make other changes in my life this past year, I have strived to be more intentional in my gift giving and make an effort to buy handmade. Being an artisan, I do tend to make most of the gifts I give. It always seems so much more personal. As I have started to become more entrenched in Etsy & Society6 & Art Faires I have started to pay more attention to the work of other artisans. There is really some amazing, quality work out there.
So if you aren’t convinced, here are some reasons to buy handmade:
1. You are able to support your local community and artists
2. You will receive an item made with love. It sounds cheesy, but really doesn’t it make you feel good to know that there was joy in the creation of your item vs poor conditions, low wages etc.
3. Buying handmade also allows you to know that your purchases cut down on the carbon and pollution and poor work conditions often associated with mass produced goods.
4. You will be purchasing a good of considerably better quality than its massed produced cousins.
5. You will be purchasing something unique and with character. It may even be one of a kind. 
6. Buying handmade many times gives you the unique advantage of knowing the item’s “story”, the ideas behind it, the hours that went into it, the passion and the struggles, and even the heart of its creator.
7. Lastly, buying handmade requires dedication and time to find that one right piece and lets your loved ones know that you care enough to pick something with intent.

Well, did I miss anything? Why do you buy handmade? If you’re not, what’s stopping you? Would love to hear from you!