Where’s Bill Cosby When You Need Him?

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Anyone remember “Kids Say the Darndest Things”?  Well, I never did think it was that funny.  Now I’m a parent so I think I can relate better and will be desperately awaiting reruns on Netflix-  after all, who doesn’t want to watch cute kids and ugly Cosby sweaters?

So, I wanted to share a couple of the cute things my kids have said over the last week that had me rolling.  (Note: all of these were overheard by me while they were playing Barbies):
* Bear: “Meet my boyfriend; he’s a zombie”  Baggins: “What are you?”  A: “….uh…. a teenager?”
* Baggins: “I’ll be right back.  I have diarrhea.”  Bear: “Well, you better hurry”
* Bear: “I’m a teenager. I don’t like anything.  I only like texting.”   Baggins: “Yeah? Rock on.”
* Baggins: “Ooh! You smell like a butt’s butt!”  Bear: I know.
Oh, the joys of being a mom to two creative, adorable girls.  And to think I could have missed all this.