Makers Monday- Our Wedding Portrait- The Finale.

Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art

Here it is, folks!

The GHP (giant hoop project) is finally done. It has taken a number of months of working on it between projects.

Embroidered Wedding Portrait



The finished project is mounted in a 23 inch quilters hoop.

It was completed on a vintage, cotton bed linen.  I chose this not only for the look of the fabric, but because I wanted to give people an idea of another way to display those heirloom pieces that have been passed down through the family.  So many times we are gifted or left things that we simply tuck away and forget about. Whether it simply doesn’t suit our practical needs or design style or it holds an air of preciousness that doesn’t mesh with the everyday, they are often set aside rather than enjoyed.  Trust me when I say that no one gifts or leaves something to someone and wants it tucked away. A vintage table cloth, a handmade quilt, whatever the case may be I KNOW that your (great)(grand)mother would rather it be used and ruined by love rather than tucked away, hidden, and ruined by time.

Here is a photo to give you an idea of how large a 23 inch hoop is

Artist with Embroidered Wedding Portrait

The clothing in the piece is our actual wedding attire.
Hubs’s suit was just hanging in the closet never to be worn again, so I repurposed the pants into his suit jacket in the piece. Luckily, I’m quite short, not to mention a bit of a craft supply hoarder, so when they had to hem my dress up to 6 inches in spots I saved all of the scraps (including the embroidered pieces and one of the rosettes you see on the dress) thinking I might one day do something with them. Well, here we are EIGHT YEARS LATER! Proof that hoarding has it’s benefits *wink*. Sure, it was hard making that initial cut into Hubs’s suit pants, but in the end I was left with something that I will treasure far more and that will remind me everyday of that wonderful day- not just once a year or so when I bellyache at him to clean out his closet.

The pieces were cut to size and hand sewn into place. I matched the threads, but left the stitching visible as I like the handmade look of it.

The remainder of the portrait is hand embroidered using only a small variety of stitches- mostly straight, back, and stem stitch. The necklace and the tiara are made from a variety of beads matching the jewelry and gold embroidery floss- my least favorite item to work with. Metallic threads are beautiful and add so much sparkle to a piece, but they tangle, break and fray very easily.  Here are some close ups:


Why did I choose to make this?


I love to make portraits.


I cherish the memories of my wedding day.


I DON’T want to look at a photo of my wedding day everyday because I will pick it apart and it will lose it’s magic. I will pick apart the original and focus on my double chin or how you can’t see Brian’s eyes in the second picture but in the photo where you can mine look like I’m drunk, etc. This way I could make it mine and remember the feel of that day each time I look at it.