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It’s been so long! Oops, I’m sorry.  We have fully healed, well, I am still technically finishing my antibiotics for a sinus infection, but all in all we are feeling 110%.
We celebrated the hubby’s birthday this past week. A big 33 yrs for the youngster! He took it gracefully and had fun playing games on the Wii with the girls.  They are turning into regular little gamers.  If you let them, they’d play the day away.  It’s so amazing to see how quickly they grasp technology. It’s amazing how quickly your idea of b-day fun changes as you age, as well!
I have been continuing on my couch to 5K challenge and am just about to start week four.  My lower legs, particularly my shins are starting to aggregate me, but I just bought some new shoes which I’m hoping will help.  If nothing else, they should make me look fast 🙂 Three weeks down.  I’m pretty proud of myself (and frankly quite shocked) for sticking with it.  I’ve been feeling really good afterward, enjoying the time to myself before the day starts, and also enjoying my guilty pleasure of listening to MIA and Missy Elliot and the like…
I’ve been busy creating new items for the Etsy shop that I hope to have up in the next few days.  Just finalizing the packaging.  But here is a sneak peek:
Life is good.  Life is simple.  Trips to the library, the museum, and outings to play. Crafts and tantrums, great food and food that’s good but not so good for us.  I mastered my hubby’s favorite- chicken and dumpling soup.  I was pretty proud. 
That’s all I have for now.  I haven’t been very good at taking pictures lately and will hopefully have more to share soon!