Over the last few years I have been working directly with deafblind individuals and it has inspired me in ways I would have never dreamed. In a world of visual art, the visually impaired are often forgotten. Through art I want to explore the themes of:

  • Nonverbal Conversations
  • The intimacy of touch & texture
  • Wordless stories
  • The power of smell & touch on memory
  • Tactile art & the ability to create items without the intent to be seen

I am currently in the beginning stages of creating a new body of work. I acknowledge as a sighted person my inability to truly understand the world of the visually impaired, but I hope that I can do my best to be a bridge. I believe that art is integral to life and should be available to everyone regardless of their abilities.

This activity is made possible through a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board, thanks to funds provided by the McKnight Foundation.