Success is Sweet

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Well, the Art Crawl was a roaring success.  We had a really great turn out down at the Loft.  Did I mention that there was a DJ?

Great DJ- Questionable dance moves

My Bestie stopping by for a quick hello

Mike with a little wave.  (Love how the girl in the white shirt looks REALLY excited about something at my booth)

A lot of fans turned out to show their support and to see the wonderful work of Matt Hebert, as well. He shared some truly amazing pieces and has such a wonderful way of writing about his art that it elicits more than just a little jealousy in me.  It was really a pleasure to show with him.

Holey Socks Art Bearded Man Pins & Brooches

Artist Matt Hebert working the crowd

Again, I think my favorite part was all of the interaction with people and my products.  Sharing my process, the mysteries of gocco and shrink plastic and connecting with people through this magic, childhood memories, and a shared aesthetic.

A little hooping and dancing to round out the night!  

I sold more than I thought- which was good, but means that I am back to creating new pieces for the ACCT show later this month.  Not to mention starting my next “Selfie” for the July VAM Pop-Up Gallery.  I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve for this one…  Haven’t heard on the official vote and placing for Friday’s but however it lands, it was fun to see the variety of interpretations that people shared.   Sadly, not the greatest turnout from the community (all of you Facebook Collective Nugget folks I’m glaring at you!!) but hopefully it was due to the short notice and we will see more this next month.

If anything I learned it was this-  It is nice of your hostess to buy you a glass of wine, however, you do not need to drink it all yourself or you will be caught in embarrassing dance moves such as above. Also, if you follow that up with a few beers you will learn the true meaning of “hungover”.  I am not in college anymore. Thankfully the girls were at Nana’s and so we were able to recover in peace.