Still Here

diary-968592_640No fear, my friends. I’m still here. It’s been nearly a month. Yikes! What can I say. Nothing I suppose other than I’ve been distracted. I’ve been distracted by my very good friend, words. Words in the books I’ve been reading and words in the stories I’ve been writing. I’ve been writing quite a bit lately and it’s been a glorious release. With no current orders for custom portraits and no other projects eating away at me to be created, I’ve been free to play with words.


Besides the simple pleasure of it, it has been a remarkable way to connect with my husband. It’s funny. He isn’t a “reader”. He’s struggled with reading all his life thanks to some undiagnosed dyslexia which has sucked out much of the ease &¬†joy from books. That isn’t to say he doesn’t read, just that it isn’t an all encompassing hobby for him like it is me. Knowing this, I had asked him if he wanted to read some of what I had been writing, however I didn’t expect much to come from it. Boy did he show me! He came back to me a few days later with a couple pages of notes and questions. I was awestruck as he described my characters back to me with amazing insight and brought forth some worthwhile critiques and criticisms. My eyes got all watery. There was something about being able to put these words on “paper” and have my husband recite how these words affected him and the picture they created in his mind- it was validating. But more than that it was amazing to see him take it, take ME and my passions, so seriously. To dedicate himself and invest himself in it for me was beyond touching. I felt heard, loved, valued and understood. So I have been continuing to write, picking up my laptop whenever I can, and he has been continuing to read them as I send them his way, and we have been continuing to talk. Life is good.



I’ve been distracted by work- I recently moved from being a para at the girls’ school to working the nurses office. Bloody noses, stomachaches, ear pain, headaches, and all sorts of other aches and pains have become my day to day. It busy but nice. Usually everyone is pretty excited to see the nurse- in their own way anyway. It’s been hard to build boundaries with the girls who are excited to know that they can pop in and see me whenever they like, though they can’t really see me whenever they like- ya know?


The days have been monotonous despite the fact that I am building my own new adventures everyday when I type. There really hasn’t been much to share here since I’m so busy sharing stories, ideas, emotions with my someday, Future Readers. Don’t fear, there will be more soon. Things to share and say. Until then… Bye!