Resolutions Update Part 1

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In an effort to be more accountable to, well, myself at least I am going to try to remember to touch base on where I am with my New Year Goals (Here) throughout the year.

Before writing this post I thought back to my first goal to read an average of 2 books per month.  I am an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember so I felt that this would be fairly simple, but I didn’t realize how well I was doing until I wrote down this list:

   * Me Before You- by Jojo Moyes
   * And the Mountains Echoed- by Khaled Hosseini (Book Club)
   * Silver Linings Playbook- by Matthew Quick
   * Eleanor & Park- by Rainbow Rowell
   * Great Expectations- by Charles Dickenson (Classic #1 of 3)
   * The Art of Racing in the Rain- by Garth Stein
   * Into the Darkest Corner- Elizabeth Hayes (Book Club)
   * Things We Set on Fire- by Deborah Reed

   * Lost Memory of Skin- by Russell Banks
   * Prince of Tides- by Pat Conroy
I was supposed to read Divergent for book club but skipped it- sshhhh!

  * I’m starting the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and a CS Lewis biography that I’m reading with my hubby.

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me when I find time to read (and do my art, sewing etc).  I think that’s really hard to explain.  Those of you who love to read already know that it’s just something you make time for.  You do it whenever there is a free moment.  I don’t watch TV, typically, unless it’s an evening hanging with my hubby or working on crafts.  I read while I wait anywhere (doctors office, for a friend, etc), I read while my kids swim or clean their room, I read late at night, I read read read.  Once a book pulls me in it envelopes me, engulfs me, and it’s what I want to do every minute I have free.  I am much more likely to remember to pack my book in my purse than my cell phone.  You never know where an opportunity to read might strike!

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  1. Kelly

    That’s a toughy!

    I’m going to recommend the following as an absolute must!!!!: Prince of Tides, And the Mountains Echoed. Both of these have amazing stories that you will absolutely lose yourself in. The language is poetic and you will be captured from the first chapter. I was happy that I read Prince of Tides on my Kindle, however, so that I could use the built in dictionary from time to time 🙂

    These are the other ones I really liked and would still recommend as I’m glad I read them:
    The things we set on fire (A great story about love and family and how family and events can shape you), Art of Racing in the Rain (A book told from the point of view of a dog. A real heart wrenched), Eleanor and Park (brings back the memories of that spark felt with a first kiss and holding hands. Makes you feel young again).

    As for the others, they were all a bit odd in their way but I’m still glad I read them. I don’t know that they are the type of book everyone would enjoy so it’s hard to put my stamp on it.

    Lost Memory of Skin is about a porn addicted pedophile who grew up in a shitty home- not everyone’s favorite light reading, but it does make you think about boundaries, life long labels, and what it is like to carry that burden.

    You Before Me and Into the Darkest Corner were both a bit predictable but made you really examine how you would preform in those situations. YBM was about a quadriplegic young man who no longer wishes to live and ITDC is about domestic violence and stalking. Again, neither the lightest of affairs.

    Silver Linings Playbook was interesting. Not sure I can describe this one. Not at all what I would have guessed from the movie version cover. It’s odd. Good but odd.

    Sorry so long, but you asked!

  2. trooppetrie

    I need to get back into reading, I will read everything I can get my hands on for months and then not read for another year. I love reading