Resolutions- Part 3

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I haven’t forgotten my New Years Resolutions, have you? I’ve got mine listed HERE and try to come back to it now and again.

I wanted to check in mostly to keep myself accountable. So #1 was reading 2 books per month (average).  I got a bit ahead, then a bit behind but here is where I am:


   * Me Before You- by Jojo Moyes

   * And the Mountains Echoed- by Khaled Hosseini (Book Club)

   * Silver Linings Playbook- by Matthew Quick

   * Eleanor & Park- by Rainbow Rowell


   * Great Expectations- by Charles Dickenson (Classic #1 of 3)

   * The Art of Racing in the Rain- by Garth Stein

   * Into the Darkest Corner- Elizabeth Hayes (Book Club)

   * Things We Set on Fire- by Deborah Reed


   * Lost Memory of Skin- by Russell Banks

   * Prince of Tides- by Pat Conroy


  * The Kite Runner- by Khaled Hosseini

May & June- NONE!! (unless you count 1/2 of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn  &  1/2 of As I Lay Dying).
  * Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls- by David Sedaris
  * Incendiary: A Novel- by Chris Cleave
  * Currently reading The Good Sister- Drucilla Campbell.  I need to read Ordinary Grace by William Krueger by the end of the month if I want to make book club (haven’t gone for MONTHS!!)

So I would say I’m going okay, but I fear I might not get my classics in…

#2 (Pay Attention to My Kids) is going well and is ever changing, but I think I’m getting a handle on things.  #3-5 (Reading & Writing Poetry) & #7 (Draw More Still-Lifes)  I’m just sucking at- Lets be honest!  I wish I had more time for poetry, but luckily life has been busy, pleasantly busy with Holey Socks Art growing each day!   Here are some new items I’ve been working on…

OITNB Stickers, Orange is the New Black Sticker Packs, Fan Art by Holey Socks Art
OITNB Sticker Packs

naughty embroidery, work in progress, hoop art, Holey Socks Art
Naughty Embroidery

#6 (Big Book of Sketches) is getting up and running (ever so slowly) and the big book of sketches now follows me about even if I don’t often have time to draw in it.  I think the last drawing I did was one of sloths. What can I say? I was feeling sloth-like.  Also, I had sectioned off the big book into categories such as Portraits, Animals, Typography, Still-Lifes, etc…

sketchbook drawing sloths Holey Socks Art Kelly Meyer
As far as cooking, well, I find that I’m starting to lose my passion for it.  Sad, right? I’m just tapped on what to make and kind of tired of working within such strict guidelines (set by my family).  My days have become busy and so trying to fit in a meal has become a bit of a pain. Tacos & chicken nuggets are the only requests I seem to get. Oh well, I’m excelling in other areas and the kids are getting SOME variety at school everyday so I’m gonna let myself off the hook. I did get some canning done, though, so there…