Remembering My Story

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Remembering My Story- Holey Socks Art


I just had the most amazing time at the MNGTB conference this weekend! For those of you unfamiliar with Bridging the Gap you can learn more here: MNBTG.  Essentially, Bridging the Gap is a statewide women’s ministry organization in Minnesota that works to enhance the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and mental faculties of women—across cultures, generations, and denominations.


It was so fulfilling and enriching. It rekindled a fire in my belly. Not to mention I got this cute bracelet! It is by far and away the most beautiful admissions bracelet from any conference ever! Thank you MNBTG and Minnesota Leather Works!


I will spare you on all the God-stuff that went on there, but I do want to tell you about what it reminded me of. That my story is important. I think it’s something I have been forgetting in all of my work to share the stories of others, to build a business and a movement, raise my family and carry a job. My story has been getting lost in all of it. Stuck in opinions, facts, laundry, and dirty dishes.


I have forgotten how much you have reached out to me each time I share a bit of it; whether it’s sharing my struggles with anxiety or trying to find my purpose or just the funny everyday stories of being a mama. Each time I stop and write to you from my heart you let me know how much my story, my simple humble little story, has helped you in some way. I’ve stopped doing that. Not anymore. I still may not be writing as much as I would like, but I am back with full authenticity and integrity.


Thank you for being patient.