Puppy Love

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So I don’t normally share on here other projects I’ve created for folks via Etsy, but working with The Rescue Project of Kansas was real fun not to mention they are working hard at such a great cause, so I wanted to share a bit more about them and their mission.

The Rescue Project is not just your typical animal rescue.  They focus their mission around education and awareness to the public on responsible pet ownership and empower people to make a difference.  It starts with building trustful relationships with people and their pets which allows them to help improving the lives of needy animals living in the community.  I mean, what strides are your really going to make if you don’t first educate people.  

In addition, they provide basic survival items such as food, water and dog houses for needy animals. They offer low cost veterinary resources and emphasize the need to spay and neuter.  You remember Bob Barker don’t you? “Help control the pet population. Have your pet spay or neutered.”

As a worker described it to me:
“We go into low income, often crime ridden neighborhoods looking for dogs who have been chained and neglected. We provide food, housing, medical care, and work with the owners to improve the lives of their dogs. Most of these dogs wear heavy chains, even padlocks, and have no shelter from the elements – it’s crazy. 

In cases of abuse or severe neglect we encourage owners to surrender the dog and/or contact animal control. Though most often, people are grateful for the help and want to do better so we work on improving conditions and education. 

…  There are so many amazing people involved who are dedicated (devoted really) to each dog we find and making sure they are cared for long term…”

I had the pleasure of helping the team get their logo on a button (below) that will now be used initially at their Cowboy Craft Fair, worn by volunteers, and eventually used on gift basket bows. 

I stress you to go and check out the website here: www.therescueproject.net and learn more about their cause, read some of the heartwarming rescue stories, and how you can help.

Shopping addiction? (*cough* shelley *cough) Then you can help by stopping at their volunteer shop on Etsy. Funds go toward helping the Rescue Project complete their mission. Find them here at FourPrairieDogs on Etsy. They have lots of stuff for you animal buddy (think collars, toys, etc) as well as lots of stuff for you!