Post Show Review

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     Last night was the Fairview Gardens Craft Show.  Not sure if I mentioned that this was my first EVER craft show as a vendor.  Sales to date have all been online, but I have been itching for the chance to try things out in person and get some feedback.  I’ve been practicing my schmoozing for the last month on all types of unsuspecting retail workers and fellow grocery store shoppers. 

Things got a little frantic around here yesterday afternoon trying to get my earring display ready.  Thank goodness for my Dremel tool! Or rather, thank Lori for my dremel tool.  It was a lifesaver.  A huge thank you to my FIL, too, for the old arrows.  The display caught a lot of attention and looked fantastic!

I also had just enough time to finish my vendor’s apron- saving me from messing around with a cash box.  Yes, as you know, I am a super big nerd.  But heck, if you’re going to go all in, you have to go ALL IN!

  Despite severe weather warnings and tornado watches, the weather calmed just in time and we had a really nice night. It was a greenhouse for pete’s sake so you really couldn’t have asked for more beautiful scenery not to mention the heavenly smell!

The booth went up pretty easily (thanks to a practice run with the kitchen table) and it was great to see my friend Kristin of Sugar Plum Monkey.  I think the table looked great and it seemed to be well received by most.  Of course, I make very unique pieces that didn’t interest everyone- no surprise, but it was really, really great to see how much some people truly connected to the items and the process.  Shrinky Dinks are a part of many peoples’ childhoods and bring back much magic and happy memories.

So, all in all it was a success.  I had a number of sales including one of my favorite hoop art pieces and a request for some custom earrings.  It was definitely worth all of the anxiety and stress that went into it (just part of being a bit Type-A with my work ethic).  It was really a lot of fun and a great experience.  Can’t wait until the next one!