Oohh Baby, It’s Cold Outside (aka The Kids Are Driving Me Nuts)

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Only here in the northern parts of the great USA is school cancelled statewide because IT’S TOO DAMN COLD!  You should never live anywhere you hear “Feels like -30 outside”.  As a result, the kids are home and driving me nuts!

What? It’s not like you haven’t felt the same about your kids once or twice.  Honestly, I think that Christmas pretty much ruined them.  They’ve turned into a bunch of ungrateful, whiney, brats.  I say this with total and utter love, mind you.

Maybe it’s our own fault.  We had a really great year and decided to get the girls some second hand iPads so they could use all those cool reading apps out there, place ABCmouse which their Nana set up for them, and all of that.  What we really did was create monsters!! When I suggested they put down the iPads and go play in their room with their new toys they first asked if they could instead watch TV (no), watch a movie (no), play a video game on the WiiU (no) and then proceeded to have an utter meltdown.  According to them, they have nothing to do. No fun toys. They hate playing.  What have we done?

Besides now the not-so-proud mother of little electronic addicted monsters, they have been at each other’s throats constantly for the last week. They communicate only in tattling and yelling.

Now again, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. But today… well.  I’m hiding in here with you.