October is Here & So Are We

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photo-sep-03-13-05-40Boy, has time flown by. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this thing. ¬†Three months, to be exact, but who’s counting?

School is in full swing and things are going great. Bear & Baggins have fallen madly in love with their teachers, come and have lunch dates with me in the office some days, and are still a full grade level ahead in both math & reading (Boasting- I know, but I’m a proud mama). I’ve been enjoying the year as well. I can feel the sluggishness of age as I try to memorize names and faces of all our new students, however, in my defense we have almost 700 students in our school. That is a lot of names! Otherwise, I spend my days cleaning wounds, weeding out fakers, trying not to openly laugh at most of the things I hear, and collecting hugs.

photo-sep-17-14-28-31The Hubs¬†and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It was simple and sweet, which is much how I’d like our next ten years to be. It’s hard to believe. Sometimes I sit back in my chair and marvel at how much our life has changed, how quickly our kids have grown, and yet all that we have learn about each other.

Our neighbors are great, the house is fantastic (though often chaotic and messy like any house containing young kids), I’m still a mushroom hunting nerd, a book nerd, and a lover of coffee. Our dog is struggling with hip/back issues, overcoming some rear leg paralysis, developing cataracts, and looking more and more like his 13 years.