No Rest for the Wicked…

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Well, the Fairview Gardens Show is behind me, but now I start to press on for some other upcoming events.  Please check the events page for details.  I don’t know that I will have to create much more at this time, but I continue to work on a new original colored pencil drawing, an Adobe Illustrator print that I have some big plans for(…) and other hoop art ideas that have been brewing in the back of my brain.
In addition, I have the Etsy shop to think about and so that is what I worked on today.  Thank goodness for nap time! I have a good inventory, but unfortunately have not had time to get all my items photographed and listed.  I’m been doing a bit more of this with from my phone thanks to the new Etsy Seller app available on iPhone. But sometimes it’s nice to set up the tripod and pound a bunch out.  Well, today is a gorgeous day for it so I set up outside on the balcony, scrunched my adult sized ass into a kids’ sized chair and started shooting.  Finally got to put my rock collection to good use!  Here’s a couple sneak peeks at pieces that haven’t posted to the shop yet.
And just a shameless plug, if you’re not following Holey Socks Art on Facebook yet you are missing out on some great promos.  Like us on Facebook and get special offers and see new items as they become available.  If you’re already a fan of the page but aren’t seeing us on your newsfeed please add us.  I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Facebook has changed who we see and unless you are actively liking, sharing or commenting on posts you may not see future ones.
On a more personal note, I’ve been spending the last two days feeling like one blessed, blissed out mama!  The girls have been spending the last two days collecting various items around the house (mostly toys and some of my stuff) and “hiding” them from me to give them to me as mother’s day gifts.  They’ve also been telling me that I’m going to have to leave so they can work on some surprises- I did add a stipulation that they needed to wait until their father was home.  They didn’t necessarily agree with the need for this, but I assured them it would be more fun.  I’m not sure what they have planned, but just the fact they are thinking of me and excited to celebrate me and motherhood is pretty flippin amazing!  Sometimes there so freaking cute I just tear up.