Moving Pains…

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Yes, we did just move in December. Yes, we are moving again. Ugh. I swore I wasn’t going to for at least 5 years, but when God hands you a sweet deal you simply say “Thank You” and take it.

We just moved this past Thursday to a house in a nearby town with more space but most importantly a yard! You know, that space you can send the kids to when they are driving you nuts; as in “Go outside and play!!” Not to mention that lovely living room vs family room situation I never understood until I had kids and longed for solace. So currently we are living in what appears to be a slum of boxes and old newspapers eating off paper plates endless amounts of sandwiches and frozen pizzas.

Luckily, we were able to save a little extra in order to pay some big strong men to move all our furniture and appliances so that Brian can actually be mobile after all is said and done. Spending a week in the recliner alternating heat and ice was not the best way to celebrate following the last move.

School finally wrapped up for us the last week of June (being “year round” school-ees and all). It went out quietly which was a nice change from how the year had started in the nurse’s office! I signed many yearbooks, got lots of hugs, and many questions about whether or not I would be back next year- yes, yes I will. I even had a student make me a beautiful poster with my nurse’s office theme song she wrote (think Doc McStuffins but with the word NURSE inserted).

So yes, it has been awhile since I wrote last, but only because life has been good, busy, but good. Once things look a little more presentable I will post some pictures