Maker’s Monday

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Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art
Welcome to Maker’s Monday!
This Monday begins an ongoing weekly series that features what’s going on at Holey Socks Art and give you a break from photos of my cute kids (You need a break now and again; they’re so cute they make your uterus ache)!
I will be sharing tutorials, new products, managing a small business tips/updates and maybe some woes (I hope not many!).   I’ve had a lot of you asking how things are going or how I make my different items, and how I juggle it all.  Well, this is for all of you!
This Monday I’m sharing with you a few things:
1. Craft Area Update
2.  Connecting with other Small Business Moms
3. New items
Craft Area Update:
I was hoping to blow you out of the water with photos of my brilliant new craft area, but alas, I’ve made very little progress on physically altering the space.  One of my major problems in the past has been my excitement to get things done and lack of planning. So this time, I’m taking a different approach.
First, I spent a great deal of time thinking about and making lists of what my ideal spot would include.  Some areas that need addressing: actual tuck under seating, a mail center, easy access to inventory & supplies, a workspace, and better lighting.
After listing everything I created this little “sketch” to give me a better idea of what I’m working towards:
Doesn’t it look dreamy?
This leaves my next step at pricing out countertops/wood and building a custom table.  Yep, you heard me.  Now I’ve frequently used a miter saw and (nervously) a table saw a few times, but I don’t actively own these tools.  So I will soon be batting my lashes at the Home Depot man unless someone out there wants to be my new best friend.  Just kidding.  Lucky for me my husband always seems to “know a guy”.  So until then, my project is at a bit of a stand still.  However, that gives me time to figure out how to repurpose my additional shelves currently in the laundry room to better store my fabric, yarn and other items.
Connecting with other Small Business Moms
Over the last few months I’ve become addicted to podcasts.  For those of you who might not know what those are (that’s you, grandma), they are episodes of a program (video or audio) that are available on the internet.  For me, I’ve been regularly listening to about 8 different podcasts via my iPhone while I clean or work at the computer.  Some are just for fun, but many that I’ve recently subscribed to are small business and social media oriented.  I’ve recently fallen in love with “Brilliant Business Moms Podcast” hosted by sisters, Beth Anne & Sarah.  They run the beautiful Etsy shop The Amateur Naturalist which sells some amazing terrarium kits.  You really need to go see them!
Beside the podcast & Etsy shop, they just launched their “52 Weeks to a Better Business” and I couldn’t be more excited!!!  I signed up just as soon as the podcast finished! Now, I can participate with other small business moms on weekly challenges and share ideas via the Facebook group.  It’s filling a sense of connection I know I have been desperately missing.  Not to mention it’s just plain held me accountable and shown me some pretty sweet tricks. So if you have a small business or are thinking of starting one I seriously suggest you go check them out!
New Items
I’ve been working hard to build up an inventory for the holidays and all my upcoming shows, but I couldn’t resist creating some new items along the way.  This is just a sample so feel free to check out the shop!
triangle necklace, triangular jewelry, shrink plastic jewelry
triangle post earrings, triangular jewelry, Holey Socks Art
Jawbone Shrink Plastic Necklace by Holey Socks Art
Triangle necklace, triangular shrink plastic necklace, holey socks art
Would love to hear what you think of the new stuff!
Feel free to keep sharing your craft room re-make ideas with me over on Pinterest!