Maker’s Monday- St Cloud Art Crawl and Minneapolis Craftz’a 2014

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Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art


For all of you who didn’t make it down this Saturday to Minneapolis Craftz’a 2014, well let me tell you that you seriously missed out.  There were a TON of amazing vendors.  Check them out below.

Adam Turman  Amy Jo’s Handmade  Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe  Avant Garden Photography  Baby Dolphin  Bodylish Burlesque of NA  Caddie Jo Designs  Chain Stay Jewelry & Design  Cindy Lindgren  DaniAWESOME  Dogfish Media  Dundry Hill  Earth Grown Crayons  Elixery  Geekiana  Guerilla By Design  Holey Socks Art  Ink Orchard Innad  Isette  It’s Just A Hat  Jbird Stitch  Jill Lauren Handmade Knits  Jules Loft  Julie Meyer Handmade  Just Turned  Kate Funk  Kiyi Kiyi  Kylie Parry Studios  Lakestone Jewelry  Larissa Loden  Light Reading  Little Red Birds Design  Lolamade Monsters  Lonny Unitus  Lund Studios  Made By Michelle Brusegaard / MBMB  mes tous petits  MinneBites  My Invisible Friends  Nora Dombrock Art  Oak Tree Arts  Oh Dier  Plush Pals Clinic  Pogtotes Pots With Character  Redcruiser  redshoes26  Regan’s Brain  RetroFutures Designs  Scuttlebug  Sheppard Girls  Shiznits  Skin Salvy, LLC  Soup Hunter Guitars  Sweet Bee Honey & Crafts, LLC  The Bitter Buffalo  The Glitter Workshop  The Painted Daisy  Tired Ol’ Belts  Vandalia Street Press  Wild Dog Studio  Wooden Spoon Editions  YB Urban? 
The crowd was steady despite the bit of snow and slick conditions on the local roads. 


It was a great opportunity and besides making some cold hard cash, it was fun! I love getting the opportunity to talk with customers, get some feed back and make people laugh.  It’s a great feeling to see everyone who passed by leave with a smile because there was something that caught their eye.  Not to mention the fun watching peoples’ reactions to this piece in particular. It was a hit. 


The night before I had the pleasure of showing locally at the Loft Salon & Spa for the November St Cloud Area Art Crawl.  It was a blast to hang out with great friends, meet new people, talk with other great artists, and meet my very first self proclaimed “super fan”.  Let me tell you, it’s really bizarre to meet someone who is excited to “finally meet you in person” as if I’m finally the cool kid or something.  Strange, but totally flattering.  Not to mention a bit embarrassing discussing in person the stories behind many of the blog posts (like “What’s that Smell?). 

My hubby and I picked up this beautiful little gem from local artist, Dan Mondloch.  He’s an amazing watercolorist that I’ve had the chance to get to know despite being at art school together back in the day, but not sharing any classes. 

It reminds me of all the long drives home I’ve had over the years. It encompasses MY Minnesota.