Makers Monday- Getting Shit Done

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Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art
It’s Monday and if you live in MN then it’s an awful, windy cold one at that!
It’s not all bad, though.
The flurries are quite pretty and starting to cover up the dirty, brown snow/ice and if you watch it closely while you drive it’s a lot like being in a Star Trek movie going light speed.
With the holidays quickly approaching this month has been beyond busy! It being cold outside, well, it makes it easy to get shit done. Here’s what I’m up to.
*Finished another custom portrait! Alas, it is a gift and cannot be revealed until after the holidays. Hang in there.
*I’m (ever so slowly) working on a 23 inch hoop of my husband and I from our wedding day embroidered on vintage bedsheets.
It’s gonna be a doozy!
*I’m working on some new hoop designs for the upcoming No Coast Craft-O-Rama. I hope to have 5 new ones completed by then (dream big, right?!)  I also just received my order of vinyl tags from MerQrious.  They are absolutely beautiful and as soon as I’m able to put them on straight (*snicker*) it will look even better.
*Completing some last minute items for the adorable Minneapolis shop, i like you.  They will be carrying some of my jewelry items through the holidays so if you’re nearby and can’t make it to the Craft-O-Rama you can always stop by their shop. It’s full of absolutely amazing handmade goods from local artists.  They would be one of MANY great shops to support this upcoming Small Business Saturday!  Oh, and all you newsletter subscribers don’t forget to use you’re Black Friday coupon for extra savings.  Not signed up? It’s not too late, you know…
*I’m working on pack #2 for the Ever Expandable Guided Journal. It promises to be an adorable pack that will take you right back to your childhood.
*I’m working (ever so slowly in my “spare time”) on some new sticker packs.
There will (someday) be some Big Bang Theory, Flight of the Concords, and some Office (US).
*Finishing up next week’s FREEBIE a January 2015 computer wallpaper calendar.  Make sure to check back!
Needless to say, the dishes aren’t getting done today!