Makers Monday- Embroidery Patterns

Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art
Happy Monday!  The kids are home from school today so trying to continue with our tutorial is just not going to happen. Sorry. I’m feeling lucky to have gotten anything done today period.
This past year I have felt a surge of creativity coursing through my veins which is wonderful and energizing, but at times it can feel a bit crippling.  I mean, what do you do when you have all of these fun ideas and just no time to execute them?  I love embroidery, but it is not always the fastest medium, particularly for someone like me who can get sucked into the details of portrait work wanting to perfect every strand of hair.
Not everyone has that problem.  I know that some folks love to create, but require more help or structure.  So in an effort to continue to create great things without letting my ideas get moldy, I’m going to be sharing my ideas so that other crafters, maybe someone like you, can have fun and enjoy them, too!
Last week I mentioned it in brief passing.  With the launch of the new website I will also be selling some of my own original embroidery patterns.  The ones I’ve been working on lately are a series of animal disease patterns including bird flu, chicken pox, monkey pox, goose bumps, elephantiasis, and mad cow disease.  Too funny, right?!
Embroidery Patterns Coming Soon by Holey Socks Art
Embroidery Patterns Coming Soon
Bird Flu Embroidery Patterns Coming Soon
Bird Flu Embroidery Pattern detail by Holey Socks Art

Making the bird flu hoop was so much fun! As much fun as it would be to create ALL of the designs, it’s just not something I have time for so why not make it something that everyone can enjoy.  I hope to see them as something we can share here and on Instagram & Facebook as people complete them.  After all, the great thing about embroidery patterns are that they are very open to interpretation.  Many times, the stitches and the colors are completely up to the crafter allowing each of them to be different and unique.

I would love, LOVE, LOVE to hear what you would like to see for patterns.  Funny sayings, portraits of celebrities or TV characters, animals, etc.  Please feel free to share them here in the comments or email them to me at  

Send me you’re ideas by February 1st and get a chance to win a .pdf pattern set for FREE! Ready… set… GO!