Makers Monday- Embroidery as Art

Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art

Happy Monday to all you makers!


As you know from last week, I am working on a new embroidery project of my girl-crush, Amy Poehler. It is a fun project, but I am realizing that I am having a harder time loosening up than I originally thought I would. I a have been working on embroidered portraits for a year or so now and all of them to this date have been based in realism and only somewhat stylized. There has been very little variation of stitches so as not to draw attention away from the subject and to keep the medium (embroidery) only a secondary factor.


For this project I wanted to stretch my wings a bit.  I have been drooling over work such as that by Lauren DiCioccio and Yolanda Andres.  Both have a very painterly approach to composition and color & really let the medium show through. Yolanda, especially, lets the thread speak through a vast variation of stitches and patterns.


Lauren DiCioccio
Lauren DiCioccio


Yolanda Andres
Yolanda Andres


Me, well, I’m having a hard time letting go of perfection. Of letting the thread really talk. You can see attempts here and there, but it’s not as loose as I would like. I am having fun with it, and so that is a start. It is bringing back a new joy for stitching- that or it’s simply having time to work on something I want to work on and not something I should work on. You know what I mean? This is my exercise to loosen up; I’m hoping to try something even more stylized after this…


Amy Poehler Portrait
In Progress..

I’m not quite sure what I will do with it once I’m finished. I’ve run out of wall space in my tiny little apartment, but suppose I could always make room. And who knows, if Amy Poehler doesn’t contact me begging to have it, maybe I’ll host a giveaway…  Any Poehler fans out there?


As always, I love feedback.  What do you think?  How do you loosen up?