Makers Monday

Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art

Happy Monday!


Today I just want to give you a brief peek at the latest portrait I’m working on. Hoping that by continuing to share my progress shots it will help to keep me accountable. I’m doing my first pet portrait. It’s fun, but it has been a lot of work so far. It doesn’t help that I am a bit of a perfectionist so I strive to cover every surface and am often work with only one strand of thread so as to keep shading even.  It looks a bit weird now, but I have faith that as more colors are added the blending will be more realistic.

Sorry FB & Instagram followers for the repeat photos.


Original Drawing for Portrait


I’ve also started on the hat I am knitting for my future niece/nephew who should be here any day!!!  EEEKKKKK!!!  I’m so excited I’ve even been having dreams about him/her.  Like my sister, I’m not one for all this yellow & green business for unknown genders. Instead, I’m going with a nice, neutral gray with flecks of rust, cream, and yellow. Pardon my iPhone photos- the color was hard to capture under the evening light.


So there you have it. Hope to have the June 2015 wallpaper calendar up by the end of the day (or week?).