Just the Usual

As always, my dear reader, there is so much I want to write.  I think most of it needs a little more time to incubate before it hatches, making sure that each and every syllable is just right. Also, things have been getting a bit heavy hear lately so I thought we could maybe just have a light hearted laugh and forget about our troubles for awhile.

Things that happened:

* I am working on signing the girls up for gymnastics for the summer. Bear, particularly is pretty excited.  I had a hard time trying to decide what was the right age to start activities.  Giving them opportunities vs. letting them be kids.  Then I remembered that my sanity would be on the line during their break and that a scheduled activity, just something to look forward to each week, might not be a bad idea. *wink*


* We just bought an electric piano from a deaf couple.  As my friend pointed out, it sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but it’s true! Baggins has been interested in learning for a little while now so we said “Heck, why not?”.  So they pitched in a little of their Christmas money (thanks great-grandma!) and we covered the rest. Since the owners had little use for a piano (*snicker*- can’t help it!) we were able to buy it for a really great deal.


* We played…outside…at a park…in MARCH!!!  That is just the craziest thing to say.  That is NOT something that happens in Minnesota. It’s taking all I have not to start purchasing posts and plants and getting the deck all blinged out.


Photo Mar 14, 11 41 47 AM     Photo Mar 17, 3 24 55 PM

* We are having a baby!  Twins, actually.  Oops.  Did I mention that it’s twin dracaena marginatas?  Yeah, my house plant is having babies.  *Snicker*  Sounds lame, but I actually got this sucker from my friend Barb over 12 years ago and it was a very sick and near dead stick.  I cut it off and prayed.  It’s since thrived- now it’s having babies! It sounds corny, but it makes me feel like Barb is still here with me. Hopefully she can feel/see my weird excitement over it because the good Lord knows Brian doesn’t give a shit!


Photo Mar 18, 4 28 40 PM copy      Photo Mar 18, 4 28 20 PM copy


* We snuggled. Hardcore. 


Photo Mar 16, 6 18 15 PM


* I got bangs!  I noticed that I was developing some fine lines across my forehead.  Well, no one is noticing them now, are they? Hehehe.


Photo Mar 13, 8 58 03 AM


* I went to Ikea! By myself! It was time for new bedding and so I indulged my love of grey and green. And then when I didn’t think I could be more in love I found the perfect green rug for the living room…


Photo Mar 18, 4 27 30 PM

Photo Mar 18, 2 29 12 PM


* I’ve made some headway on the GHP!




Photo Mar 19, 11 05 29 PM



* I read THIS and loved it! The title is lacking and maybe a turn off for some; I know that the F-word scares some folks. But this is a really great look at what the scripture says, historical/cultural context, and break down of some of the original hebrew words and how that influences verses.  It’s a really easy read and actually LESS studious than I would have liked.  Great for the woman OR man looking to see things from a different perspective.





* I started painting some walls in our apartment! Until I get things hung, you won’t see any “after” photos…


Photo Mar 19, 10 19 42 AM


* I started collecting for the March of Dimes, March for Babies walk! This will be my 4th year walking, 2nd year with the whole family.  We are excited to be raising money to help prevent premature births.  If you would like to contribute to my cause (and I hope you will) please click on the big purple link on the right hand side of this page!


 So there you have it!

Buzz, buzz, buzz goes the busy little bee…



2 Responses

  1. Natalie

    Yeah, that F word is not a friendly term anymore, is it? I enjoyed “Jesus Feminist” too and yeah, it was a pretty easy read. I can’t remember…have you read “A Year of Biblical Womanhood”?

    • Kelly Meyer

      No, but I remember you recommending it. It sounds interesting and I can only imagine how her time camping in the yard was…