It’s a Date!

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Having stayed home with my kids for the last year, there are a LOT of reasons I was excited for school to start.  That said, one of the best things about my kids starting school is Wednesday.
Let me elaborate.
My husband works long days 8-10 hours, sometimes more- except Wednesday.  This glorious little day has become our oasis.  Our time to catch up, reacquaint, remember that we’re married, that there is something that connects us besides bills, chores, and children.
The first few Wednesdays were a bit indecisive with no real plan or ideas for lunch & activities.  We usually end up perusing the local thrift stores, buying shit we don’t need, and eating at the same old tried & true places.  We needed to liven things up.
We used to be fun, spontaneous people.
What happened?
Do we really have nothing left to talk about other than bills and the cute/annoying things our kids do?Nope. I guess not. 

Then we realized that we had been given this amazing tool by our friend, Jon:

It’s a card game he had developed at one point called “50 Dates: The Dating Game”.  It’s a deck of 50 cards, each containing a single word to be used as an inspiration point. It even gives you ideas at the bottom of each card just incase your completely clueless.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s on the market anymore which is really to bad because it’s an amazing game and marriage tool.

My favorite date so far was one that I planned (sorry Hubs but I think you’d agree).  I drew the word “Country”.  Given it was to be our anniversary celebration I thought it would be fun to head out to one of our favorite spots for a hike. Hiking is something we really enjoy but has been stolen from us by our children (I mean, you try walking around outside with your kids and see if you get the chance to hear, let alone enjoy, nature!)
We trekked out to St John’s University and hiked out to the old church. We had the best conversation about God and creation, doubt and life.  It was one of our most memorable. After that we had a picnic and shared a bottle of champagne with a dollop of Chambord ( a raspberry liqueur).

I realize I can’t send you to some site to buy the cards and start this up yourself but I hope it allows you to think outside the box. Maybe it’s as simple as opening up the thesaurus and seeing what word you point to.  Or maybe you already have something you do- if so I would love to hear it! Leave a comment.