I Love You Too!

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Not much exciting has been going on. I’m gearing up for my next big embroidery project for my sister. The research has been fun *wink*  Here’s the image I will be using:




See what I mean…? I’m struggling with how I want to complete the tattoos. Simplify them as lines? Color pencil on fabric? Detailed, delicate embroidery? So many choices. I guess I’ll just be forced to look at it for hours on end until I decide. Poor me.


The Fast Factory challenge is going well. I’ve lost 7 lbs, but more importantly I can see muscle definition! It’s so great to see progress. The diet hasn’t been bad, particularly as it allows for bacon. Who can’t stick to a diet that allows bacon? Granted it’s only 2-3 slices, but over spaghetti squash with sautéed veggies and fresh basil, YUM! This might be my last meal if ever I’m allowed some- of course I’d splurge and add some crusty bread with garlic butter… drool… bread…. *SLAP*  Enough of that.


Today was a rough day at work. It’s hard to see kids that are sick and obviously struggling. It’s nerve wracking to make the call to call 911 and then inform their parents. But at the end of the day I heard “Your the best nurse ever! I wish we always had you!” and “MISS KELLY!!” as I’m hugged again and again by kids who don’t even come to get meds, and today I got my first “I love you!” from the most adorable kindergartener ever. Made my day. I really don’t think there is a better job. I keep waiting for the shininess to wear off- and when you have angry parents about fever or lice it seems it might be starting! But inevitably someone comes into my office just to say hi, to give a hug- even a couple 8th graders!


So life is good. Hectic but good. So you see, there hasn’t been much to write about. Hopefully I will get started on my project soon and can share some progress shots.