Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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Thanksgiving. It is one of our nation’s most wonderful holidays.

Unfortunately, for many it has become a day of gluttony (there was gravy so trust me when I say I am as guilty as the next) but when you look at the heart of it, it is really about gratitude.  About being thankful for all that we have.  As a nation I fear that we have lost sight of that.  After all, it’s followed by Black Friday, a day created to showcase our worst consumeristic selves.

I could go on for days about my feelings regarding consumerism, debt, and excess but I won’t. At least not today. Instead of shining a light on what it should be, what we are doing wrong, etc I want to do my part to make it what it should be.

Even though I strive to practice gratitude in my everyday life, today especially I want to make sure to take time to say thank you for the many blessings in my life.  I find it helpful to not just list what I’m thankful for but why.  Marie Forleo has a wonderful video about gratitude and how we are doing it wrong.  It’s a quick watch and very thoughtful if you have the time.  Check it out HERE

I am so blessed to have two wonderful, smart, beautiful, healthy girls.  Bear makes me laugh constantly and never lets me be “the rotten egg” when there is a race, but rather stays behind and holds my hand until we get there together.  Baggins listens when I am sad and rubs my back to make me feel better, gives the best hugs, and asks the most insightful questions.

I am blessed to have a husband who lifts me up when I am down, goes out of his way to thank me and show me I am special, who shows me my value when I feel I have none, and cheers me on and celebrates with me all of my wins.

I am blessed to have an extended family who loves and cares for me and whom is always willing to help out when I’m in a pinch.

I am blessed to be living my dreams everyday.  To have the choice to pursue what I love.

I am blessed to be able to give back to others through my nursing and to have a heart filled with empathy.

I am blessed to have more than enough to eat, a warm home, and a soft bed to sleep in.  I am blessed to have all of my basic needs met every day. Every day.

I am blessed to be loved by a God whom I struggle to know in the rich and fulfilling way he wishes, that loves me despite my lack of faith, distrust, and hopelessness, who continues to bless me every day even though I don’t deserve it. Every day.

What are you thankful for today?