Happy Birthday to Me!

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Yes siree! I’m officially closer to 40 than 30 this year! Oh well. Honestly, I feel like I stopped aging after 25 despite the fact that many of my habits coincide with most 90 year olds. Buns, cardigans, embroidery, and magnifying glasses. Hmmm. So I’m not 25 after all.


It’s been a great day. The girls baked and decorated a cake for me yesterday.


Isn’t it a beauty?
My hubby was kind enough to take care of the dishes. Nice right?!
He also took me shopping for this AMAZING bag! Now I can take my embroidery with me in style!


My MIL knows my love of soup and got me a Dutch oven that has already seen its first use. My mother got me some super cute boots and my sister gifted me this adorable necklace!


I’m feeling very blessed today and well loved. My favorite though has been the girls singing to me this morning and then gifting me some nail polish they insisted Brian buy a month ago for this occasion and a pile of rocks they collected for my “rock garden”.
Now a night of snuggles and video games- couldn’t be better!