Gertie Moves In




Hey Folks!  I know that I missed Monday’s post, but in all fairness I was too busy MAKING things to do a Makers Monday.  You see, we added a new addition to our family.


Please meet Gertie our new guinea pig. Photo Aug 20, 1 08 33 PM


Isn’t she just stinking adorable!  We’ve all fallen in love with her pretty quickly. I haven’t been able to tell yet if the dog is excited for a new possible friend or just a new “toy” he can pick up by the neck and shake around. We haven’t formally introduced them closely yet.


Like anything new, the Hubs found himself knee deep in Youtube videos about it and we decided the best way to deal with the bedding issue was to try a fleece lining. So Monday I spent the day on the sewing machine having a blast and realizing how I always manage to underestimate the amount of time a project takes me *wink*.  But I got it finished and it seems to be working great!


Photo Aug 19, 9 56 23 AM
Drawing by Bear

We’ve been busy with all that lovely back to school stuff and my community advocacy project has been taking up a lot of time. Nat and I met up today to really kind of hash it all out and get a better sense of how much time we can commit and divide things up. I don’t think either of us thought we would be spending time on the radio, given grants to help distribute, or speaking at the Mayor’s office. It has really taken off and put me outside of my comfort zone- but in such a good way! I am meeting new and amazing people in our community everyday that help me to keep the hope alive. And every time I start to doubt what I am doing I just remember that I am doing just as much for my kids as I am for anyone else in our community.  I hope to give them a community full of tolerance and less hate. I hope to show them that one person can make a difference. I want them to see that if they dream it they can achieve it. I want them to know you are more than “just a ____” (mom/woman/wife/nurse/etc). You, too, can be awesome!