Fun with Friends, Fried in Sun & Finished This!

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Things are hectic around here as usual- just ask my mother whom I’ve been forgetting to call weekly! The girls and I have been having a blast this past week enjoying the beautiful weather at the park and at the pool. Despite using a full 2.5 bottles of sunscreen so far this season I managed to acquire a nice pink hue bordering on fire engine red on my legs and back. Ugh!
 Besides the absorption of some vitamin D we have also been very blessed to have spent lots of time with friends, new and old. It’s been fun making new “couples” friends. Those of you out there in a relationship (particularly if you have kids) know how hard this can be. Single friends are great, but inevitably someone feels left out if you are trying a threesome (get your mind out of the gutter). And as for couples, one of them is inevitable douchy or just an ass and the group doesn’t really mesh. Lucky for us, we are currently on a couples role! Great food, good beer and lots of laughs have me as giddy as a teenager in love. The best part being even our kids are in love with the other kids. 
Other than all these adventures, I have been a busy busy bee. I am working on two separate pieces for the next VAM Pop-Up Gallery Selfie exhibit. One large scale one small.  Both are colored pencil & watercolor pencil on fabric.  Each will be incorporating some embroidery and I plan to try my hand at some ribbon work on the larger piece (Ribbon work you say, wtf is that- click here!)
Visual Arts Minnesota, Holey Socks Art Selfie Self Portrait Work in Progress
Smaller piece- still in progress

Larger Piece- detail

Larger piece- phase 1
Holey Socks Art Self Portrait with Children Work In Progress, colored pencil on fabric
Larger Piece- Phase 2
I’ve finished a couple more wall embroidery pieces which were a bit more quick and fun.  I’ve also started a few custom button, custom jewelry and custom embroidered portraits for Etsy clients.  Oh, and because that wasn’t enough I thought, hell, lets make some necklaces so I now have a few made and these two are now up on Etsy for sale.  Just click on the image and it will take you to it’s shop page!  More to come.  I am after all merely human and need to sleep now and again!
Holey Socks Art That's What She Said Embroidered Hoop Art

Holey Socks Art Love Stinks embroidered hoop artHoley Socks Art Love Stinks Embroidered Hoop Art

Holey Socks Art Lame-o embroidered hoop artHoley Socks Lame-o Embroidered Hoop Art

Holey Socks Art honeycomb beehive shrink plastic shrinky dink necklace

Holey Socks Art shrink plastic shrink dink rose flower bee necklace

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