Featured on Nelly!

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Received this link this morning.  
Photos are up for the new Nelly autumn wardrobe look book and you can see my pins featured on one of the new jackets! I created these pins (and  a few more) exclusively for Nelly & use on this shoot.  I’m so excited to see them in “print”!
Nelly,  Holey Socks Art, Broochs
They were a blast to make and it was such fun working with such a great (and internationally known) company. 
Currently I’m finishing up some new designs. Between design, photo editing & actually listing I’m keeping fairly busy.  Here are two of my favorites that I just listed today:
Handmaid's Tale, Holey Socks Art, Shrink Plastic Brooch, Shrinky Dink Jewelry
“Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum”-  Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down   (For all you book nerds)
mandible necklace, jawbone, shrink plastic necklace, shrinky dink jewelry
 I’m actually baking a few pieces for the Indie Craft Sampler as I type. It’s similar to any other monthly mail subscription out there (think Birch Box) but for handmade items curated from Etsy. It’s pretty new to the group of gift by mail boxes, but one of my favorites.  Makeup samples are fun, but why not something a little bit more varied and fun! 
Here’s just a taste of what they had in their September box but you can also check out their blog:
So I’m busting my hump to get things out in time for the October deadline.  Items should be featured in the Oct & Nov boxes (fingers crossed I get them out on time).  Here’s the briefest of sneak peeks straight out of the oven:
shrink plastic, holey socks art, shrink dink jewelry

shrink plastic jewelry, shrink plastic pins & brooches, Holey Socks Art
What do you think? I do have to give Ethan M credit for the “Notoriously Trashy” pin. Thanks, Ethie!