Makers Monday- Fathers Day Portrait

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Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art

Yep, it’s that time again. The dreaded Monday- bum, bum, BUMMMM!

Fathers Day is only a few days away and we have yet to do our shopping (oops) for Brian, but I am happy to say that I am just wrapping up the portrait I was working on for my father.  He was looking to have a portrait of him and his best friend- his dog, Sadie. Originally, I thought I wouldn’t get it finished until closer to his b-day in July, but it went faster than I thought. Considering it’s a 9 inch hoop it was a bit smaller than my last one of 23 inches. *wink*


Dad & Sadie


It was an obnoxious amount of tiny little stitches done with a single thread. Time consuming just doesn’t convey it. I won’t lie, about halfway through the dog I wanted to poke my damn eyes out, but I took a break, moved to a different part of the portrait.  When I finally came back it was so much more tolerable. Hell, it was actually fun once I was able to start working more on the shading, adding the blues, etc. Also proud to say that my back doesn’t look too bad on this one- not that I ever get to concerned about it.  Now I just need to finish off the back and get it in the mail.  Can’t wait to hear what my pa thinks about it.

Now that I have a little time between projects, I am going to work on a portrait project for fun. This one is inspired by my lady-crush, Amy Poehler, and will be more of an artistic take on the actress. I am not looking to do a look-alike this time, but instead play with different stitches and materials to capture the general feel.  I’m completing the piece on burlap which will be challenging. It is stiff, frays easily, has an uneven thread layout, and is generally messy. It’s just so cute, though, and I think it’s roughness and homespun quality will add to the overall feel. Wish me luck. It doesn’t look like much so far, but I have faith…


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