Craft Area Behind the Scenes – Otherwise titled “I’m a Pack Rat”

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From Honey Bear Lane
This is my dream. 
Bright. Organized. Accessible. Pretty. 
From Beneath my Heart

From This Mama Makes Stuff
So many people doing it so well.  I, however, am not.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to organize.  Especially on days like today when my insides are feeling a bit twisted and my anxiety is a bit higher,  organizing can feel like it’s cleansing to my mind and soul.
So what gives? Well… I’m a pack rat.  A particular kind of pack rat.  Craft stuff.  Odds and ends.  I mean, who knows when that weird little thing or tiny scrap of fabric might come in handy.  And it does. Trust me.  I’ve resurrected things that were acquired a decade ago.  I WILL use it.  It’s just a matter of when…
Besides being a pack rat, I am also a crafter of all sorts.  I sew, I draw, I knit, I embroider, I printmake (?), I do a little of it all all of the time.  
Lastly, my space is just a small corner of our small apartment.  Essentially, it’s a wheely cart, a small table and 1.5 bookcases worth of room.
So though I SWEAR I just organized my space just a month ago, here is where I am today
Random box in the laundry room of scrap fabric
behind the doors
work space… ?
My tissue paper collection living in a totally different closet…
Okay.  So now you’ve seen the madness. It’s bad. Real bad. And it’s in the middle of our cozy little apartment!
Don’t judge me.  I have a problem, I know.  
Whew. “Admit you have a problem”- First step down. Nailed it!
Now, what to do about it?
I’m starting a collection of ideas- aka “permanent solutions”- that I hope to narrow down and tackle. After that, deciding what takes priority (as far as supplies go) and organize accordingly.  I’m glad I’ve kept my paints and gocco and such, but I don’t need them front and center in my closet of crafty curiosities when my Holey Socks inventory is sitting on the floor! The sewing machine might need to be tucked away off of the table so I have an actual work space. 
More pretty inspiration shots:

If nothing else, I will have given my Pinterest addiction another outlet to feed off of.   So here’s to hoping that over the course of the next month I can share with you some progress and if I’m lucky, a cute new space to work in! 
Wish me luck & feel free to send me your fun Pinterest finds. You can find me at