Makers Monday- Printable Chore Charts

Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art


Yep, it’s Monday and it is our first official week off of school!  I’m very excited, but very nervous. I don’t tend to be a very regimented type of gal so structure isn’t my thing, per say.


So, in an effort to kick the summer off right I made a couple of tools that I hope will help.  The first is a chore chart. Yep. Accountability is key for both them and me.  I created it as an editable PDF- meaning that you can type directly in what you want it to say and print it off looking all nice and neat.  Personally, I am leaving the Name field blank and using one of each color to divide up chores into two categories, then I will laminate them so we can use dry erase markers to keep track of days and also be able to switch chore blocks between kids. This way, no one is stuck with the same boring stuff each week. Not sure what sort of stuff you can assign to your kiddos? Here’s a great post (& free printable!) that talks about what is appropriate chores for your kids ages.


My kids motivation? A dollar a week to spend any way they want at garage sales. Yep, you heard me, garage sales! They love those things! Also, it gives them the opportunity to learn about the joy of earning money and the value it carries. It’s so much harder to spend your money rather than someone else’s.


polka-dot-girls-signThe other item I made is a calendar so that I can write in what we have planned for the day.  We are under taking a bible study 3 days per week here at home.  I got THIS great book from speaker Kristie Kerr at our MOMS group last month.  There is a whole line of bible study books for girls and boys with other topics. Explore! We are just in need of help with our relationships- siblings *cough*. We will also have swimming lessons & gymnastics through community ed, a few scheduled playdates and a camping trip, etc. This way the girls can wake up and see what we have set for the day- they know what’s coming and can also help to keep me accountable. Again, I made it editable so if you would like to type in those items that are set you can, otherwise just print and write in!



Green Chore Chart   //    Orange Chore Chart   //   June Calendar


Items will be up as a free download for this week and then I will be moving them to the super secret freebies page so if you aren’t already a newsletter member, sign up HERE!!

Free Printable Chore Chart by Holey Socks Art
Here’s our- Just placed on the door with some adorable washi tape!


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4 Responses

  1. Sandie Wohlman

    What color should I use for Gary? Can I use the front and back for the chores HE needs to do?Seriously Kelly…I love, love the idea of children having responsibilities and your way of letting them know what the day will hold for them!

    • Kelly Meyer

      Thanks, Sandie! Good luck with Gary. He is just a big kid after all! Luckily you can print as many copies as you need so start listing!