Calling All Readers!!

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This Saturday marks my 4th annual March for Babies!!

I’m so excited! The weather looks to be great. We’ve got a new route with tons of fun things going on for the kids. I’ve raised over $350 dollars so far, but I’d like to raise more.

That’s where you come in… 


My daughters were born 7 weeks premature. They weighed 3lbs 12oz and 4lbs 5oz. Baggins was on oxygen for the first few days & just nearly avoided more aggressive treatment of her breathing issues. They were tube fed and placed in separate isolettes allowing for only brief periods of holding & having them torn apart from each other immediately. Finally on the third day we were able to hold them together for the first time.  But I was lucky. They only stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks. They weren’t able to breastfeed, but they bottled well, gained weight, stayed healthy and were able to come home.


As a former NICU nurse I know that not all families are that lucky. 

That’s why they need your help!

A stay in the NICU is stressful. An NICU stay is expensive. Being born preterm can have devastating and lasting effects. There are ways to help these babies grow stronger. There are ways to educate women and grow healthier babies.

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So please, donate to a great cause! You can make your donation online or to our team HERE.

Every dollar goes directly to helping fund research and grow healthier babies!

Thank You!