Buzz Buzz Buzz

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First, a great thank you to everyone who responded via Facebook and here regarding the previous post.  I love and appreciate all of the feedback! Baggins and I had a good talk about what happened (her initiation not mine) and overall, I think it’s me who is more upset than her. She seemed to understand why this happens and we talked about all the ways we could handle it next time.  She’s a bright girl and one tough cookie!
Okay, moving on. I have been a busy little bee. Buzz buzz.  With the Fairview Gardens craft show coming up on May 8th I am hustling to get work done and build up my inventory.  Of course, that can’t be simple enough. I’m in a bit of a manic mode regarding my art work so I have also taken on a new project- trying out some hoop art.  I love the juxtaposition of sweet pretty fabric and witty, sometimes crude, stitchery.  I’ve also been working on another wholesale order for a local business requesting custom buttons, finalizing my line sheets and catalog for wholesale orders, making new gocco cards, creating some stickers…  wwhhheeew!
Holey Socks Art Stickers

In all of this hubbub I realize that I have been slacking on getting items photographed and listed on Etsy.  I’m making faster than I can function! It’s hard to let myself stop and take a breath.  Not to mention juggling all of this with my kids.
It’s helped to switch to inkjet & vectors for the shrink plastic pieces. But it’s also helped to be better about insisting in a quiet time after lunch.  The kids have been running and playing so much harder that they have actually been napping most days.  That’s up to 2 hrs of uninterrupted time some days! Not to mention far less meltdowns.  My kids are up at 0630 regardless of what time they go to bed.  So some days this makes for some unnecessary drama.
I’ve definitely been an ass some days and spent more than my fair share on work rather than enjoying my kids. It’s so hard, though.  I want to spend time with them- after all I only have FOUR MONTHS LEFT before they are off to kindergarten!  It’s going by too fast.  On the other hand, I would like to be able to justify this (income wise) as my full time job.  In order to do that, it takes focus and dedication and of course, TIME.

But we make sure to find time for “dates” so that each of our kids can have a parent to themselves for awhile.  Baggins and I recently had a great date to Subway and then about 2 hours of blowing bubbles.  It was a cloudy day, but those are the best for bubbles. The colors they produce are amazing. The photos here are untouched cell phone pics.

Needless to say, The Kite Runner will be the only book I’m finishing for April.  Good thing I built some cushion in at the beginning of the year!