Brief Update

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Hi everyone. Today I just have some quick updates.  I left you all hanging with the craziness going on here on my end. My apologies. Thank you for your patience.

First, it seems like my grandmother is doing well. Now it is just a matter of time waiting for pathology reports to decide any next steps and waiting for healing which is going well, though slow.

Second, I had mentioned the negative backlash that the SCTimes #unitecloud article had. To put to ease anyone’s fears, there have been no threats made, just nasty name calling and other slanderous things and all from one organized Neo-Nazi group. It has eased up considerably, but as this is something I plan to continue in I am taking just a few precautions here on the blog. I have gone back through and removed the names of my kids from all past posts and will be referring to them as Bear & Baggins from now on- nicknames we use with them at home. I also password protected some of the more in depth family articles I couldn’t bear to erase. Moving forward, you won’t be seeing these, however, fear not as it won’t affect the honesty and openness of my writing. I don’t believe there is an actual threat, but I prefer to be safe rather than sorry.

Thanks for your understanding.