Go Big or Go Home

I know.  You thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth.  Well, no such luck. Life is life and sometimes it carries you away down various paths and you don’t have the time, energy, or cares to send a note; you just follow. But today I’m back and I thought I’d drop you a post card of what I have been up to.

Recently, I’ve had to turn down a few opportunities to show my work at various institutes or art crawls because I just don’t have anything.  You see, that’s the trouble with all this custom work- you have pictures but nothing tangible to show anyone. Nothing to hang; nothing to sell. Big fat nothing. I’ve been itching for a new project and to get back into painting. Since painting is a little impractical with my life at the moment I thought I’d like to try something new, something a bit closer to “needle painting”. Being a glutton for punishment I came up with this:

It is the story of Deborah from the Bible and portrays Deborah in the upper left, Barak in the circle, Jael in the upper right with Sisera below her. It’s an amazing and gruesome story; if you haven’t read it you can read it HERE.


The piece is on white cotton and is the size of my dining room table (about 40 x 72 inches).  It’s hard to tell the large size from the photo- I need to remember to include something for gauging perspective next time. I wanted to work on something that would take some time and let me experiment with a bit more looseness than what I previously have done. Because it’s a textile I should also be able to roll it up and easily store it, unlike large scale paintings of the past.


Ultimately, the piece will have some applique (the women’s dresses), some beading, but primarily all hand-stitched embroidery. I started on Barak because it simply felt like as good a place as any. He is nearly finished other than I ran out his sleeve color and am holding off on the buckle on his as I am worried that the metallic thread I wish to use will not wear well so I am leaving that until last. I was nervous about how the variegated thread for the helmet would look, but I think it looks pretty cool and will add some visual interest.

After that I jumped to working on Deborah. I needed to liven things up after dealing with all the brown of the beard and his armor.  I decided to go a bit more bold on the shading of her face. I really want her to stand out with a look of weathered authority. Unfortunately, I keep running out of colors and so I haven’t been able to finish up her face. I’ve moved onto her hair which promises to be a long and arduous task. I will be pulling some other colors and some lovely grays into it as well.

Check out Deborah in progress shots:



October is Here & So Are We

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photo-sep-03-13-05-40Boy, has time flown by. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this thing.  Three months, to be exact, but who’s counting?

School is in full swing and things are going great. Bear & Baggins have fallen madly in love with their teachers, come and have lunch dates with me in the office some days, and are still a full grade level ahead in both math & reading (Boasting- I know, but I’m a proud mama). I’ve been enjoying the year as well. I can feel the sluggishness of age as I try to memorize names and faces of all our new students, however, in my defense we have almost 700 students in our school. That is a lot of names! Otherwise, I spend my days cleaning wounds, weeding out fakers, trying not to openly laugh at most of the things I hear, and collecting hugs.

photo-sep-17-14-28-31The Hubs and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It was simple and sweet, which is much how I’d like our next ten years to be. It’s hard to believe. Sometimes I sit back in my chair and marvel at how much our life has changed, how quickly our kids have grown, and yet all that we have learn about each other.

Our neighbors are great, the house is fantastic (though often chaotic and messy like any house containing young kids), I’m still a mushroom hunting nerd, a book nerd, and a lover of coffee. Our dog is struggling with hip/back issues, overcoming some rear leg paralysis, developing cataracts, and looking more and more like his 13 years.

Moving Pains…

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Yes, we did just move in December. Yes, we are moving again. Ugh. I swore I wasn’t going to for at least 5 years, but when God hands you a sweet deal you simply say “Thank You” and take it.

We just moved this past Thursday to a house in a nearby town with more space but most importantly a yard! You know, that space you can send the kids to when they are driving you nuts; as in “Go outside and play!!” Not to mention that lovely living room vs family room situation I never understood until I had kids and longed for solace. So currently we are living in what appears to be a slum of boxes and old newspapers eating off paper plates endless amounts of sandwiches and frozen pizzas.

Luckily, we were able to save a little extra in order to pay some big strong men to move all our furniture and appliances so that Brian can actually be mobile after all is said and done. Spending a week in the recliner alternating heat and ice was not the best way to celebrate following the last move.

School finally wrapped up for us the last week of June (being “year round” school-ees and all). It went out quietly which was a nice change from how the year had started in the nurse’s office! I signed many yearbooks, got lots of hugs, and many questions about whether or not I would be back next year- yes, yes I will. I even had a student make me a beautiful poster with my nurse’s office theme song she wrote (think Doc McStuffins but with the word NURSE inserted).

So yes, it has been awhile since I wrote last, but only because life has been good, busy, but good. Once things look a little more presentable I will post some pictures