Big Gains (or Mama’s Got Guns)

Well, I am officially on my 6th week of my Fast Factory Fusion Challenge. Lucky for us, there was a scheduling snafu so we are getting an extra week free before our big weigh-in and test out. This time next week I hope to have the official results that I kicked ass! Unofficially, my jeans fit better, I can see a difference, and I feel better. Not to mention that when I walked into my friend Brandy’s house on Wednesday her jaw dropped and she couldn’t stop raving about how good I looked (and it had only been 2 wks since she had last seen me).

No more double chin!!
No more double chin!!

The first two weeks were rough. I mean, sugar/carb detox + lots of exercise= tired, cranky, bitch of a mama around here! No lie.  I remember on day 3 sitting in my office so tired I could barely keep my eyes open wearing a long sleeve shirt + sweater+ wrapped in a fleece blanket+ another blanket on my lap + stocking cap and still feeling cold and utterly lethargic. And I thought that I ate pretty decently. The detox was painful, but I notice now how icky I feel after I eat something not so healthy (like pizza) and how much better that one piece of chocolate tastes not to mention that just that one piece is plenty satisfying. The workouts are still grueling, no lie. I’m pretty sure I am dying half the time and when I don’t think that I’m kind of wishing I was. But once it’s done and I’ve cooled off and am doing those stretches on the mat I feel good. Real good. Like my body can do anything and I find myself appreciating it in a way I haven’t in a long time. I see myself getting stronger- knees to chest hanging from the pull up bar is pretty attainable when a few weeks ago I could barely even hold my fat ass on the bar for more than a few seconds. I find myself excited to get up early and go sweat because I love how it makes me feel all day long.

fast factory

I haven’t gone completely crazy and I am still the same rebellious rule breaker. Don’t tell John, but I refuse to give up artificial creamer in my coffee. I did it the first 3 weeks, but then I realized that I have made sooo many healthy changes and it’s okay to have some small joys. I mean, we are talking about 70 calories at most and a whole lot of happiness.


I am excited to say that I am continuing on after the challenge in the Fusion program! Some folks have been turned off by the cost, but I’ve realized a couple things:

  1. I am by nature a relatively unmotivated person when left on my own. I NEED the accountability. If I’m paying for it and there are people who will notice when I don’t go, then I am more likely to do it.
    Ready to Play!
    Ready to Play!
  2. I am worth it. My physical health is worth it. My mental health is worth it.
  3. It makes me a better me. More energy, less depression and a healthy way to rid myself of anger and anxiety.
  4. Exercising with a team or a family is much more fun! The motivation and the encouragement and the friendships are amazing and make it so much easier to go.
  5. It’s an investment in my myself today and for myself in the future. The money and hard work I put in today I will save in the long run because I took care of myself.
  6. My body is a gift from God and it is my responsibility to be a good steward of it. Some may see it as just a shell, but it’s a shell I need to help spread His Word, praise him, raise my kids to love Him, etc.
  7. It is one of the LEAST ridiculous ways I “waste” money. It’s all about perspective. Many people wouldn’t bat an eye to spend the money on cigarettes, eating out, clothes, coffee, whatever it is their vice might be. Mine just happens to be health.
  8. I am a better wife, mom, employee when I take care of myself.
  9. I play better and enjoy life more when I am fit.
  10. I sleep better- I mean like the dead!

Next week I will proudly be sharing with you whether or not I made my goal: decrease my overall body fat by 3%.  I think I made it, but even if I don’t I feel great knowing I’ve made a big start in the right direction.

Almost bumps as the kids say
Almost bumps as the kids say