Makers Monday- Beards, Yo!

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Makers Monday by Holey Socks Art

Ah, Monday again. A rough one at that, too. I am on DAY 1 of taking a 30 day break from coffee (& tea) and it is kicking my butt today. So, I’m keeping it easy today and sharing with you the final results from my Amy Poehler fan art embroidery piece. Yay! I really loved how this turned out.


Amy Poehler Fan Art Embroidery


Though the burlap had it’s challenges it added a beautiful look to the piece. I have seen laminated burlap for sale in the craft store & wonder how it would work. If you’ve tried it, I would love to hear what you think. I worry about my needle being more difficult to push through and collecting gunk.


With my kids gone this past weekend, I decided to take a little detour from what I had planned to work on and started a new project instead. Living with a 2Bits man, there is a lot of beard talk, bearded friends, etc; it just puts beards on your mind. I wanted to experiment a bit and have always enjoyed the look of blackwork & redwork.  I plan to add flowers to his beard (much to my husband’s appall)- it’s a thing if you didn’t know.




So here is the drawing and the beginnings as I have gotten so far.  Like I said, my kids were gone so I spent Saturday watching an OITNB Season 3 marathon followed by a couple hours of Dr. Who.  Yeah, I think I have bed sores, but hell, I was productive *wink*.


One of my favorite parts is seeing the back develop. As I’ve said, I never get too caught up in keeping the back neat, I travel stitches, I don’t always work them in the logical order, but sometimes beautiful things happen. Here is some pictures of the back of the work.


Photo Jun 27, 9 47 02 PM

Photo Jun 27, 5 34 37 PM


Fun, isn’t it? It’s like an entirely different piece & feel on the back. It worked up pretty quick, initially, but those tiny redwork squares are slowing me down. I plan do do blackwork in the white spaces for a lovely buffalo plaid-like look.


What are you working on?