A Week In the Life- June 16, 2015

Things have been going well with the chore charts. The girls are weirdly excited to help out with bigger jobs like laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing the toilet (their favorite!) but are still battling the simple art of putting away your game/toy when you are done with it.  I am struggling with that SAHM feeling that I’m cleaning the house continually.  I swear I cleaned the kitchen FOUR TIMES the other day before I just gave up.  I’m pretty sure Hubs thinks we don’t do anything.


My strategy has been to clean the house and then leave- a good one I’m sure, but it doesn’t seem to work for my kids. I’m learning that they work best if we DO something early on in the day and then leave the housework for after.  Maybe it helps burn off some early morning energy? Maybe it’s just mind over matter for them- like if I make them work right away if feels to them like that will be their whole day? Whatever it is, I’m doing my best to work with it rather than fight it.  We’ve also been working on ways to make chores fun- Laundry Monster anyone?



We’ve been trying to get out and enjoy our community and have been taking advantage of the parks- both playing and hiking.


Photo Jun 17, 1 29 14 PM



We also made it to the local Somali Independence Day festival where we got to try some delicious Somali cookies & take a turn in the bounce house. We went pretty early so I have a feeling we missed out on a lot of the fun- people were just getting there to enjoy the DJ & musicians as we left.


Photo Jun 14, 4 07 58 PM




Then, of course, there has been the standard days at the pool & splash pad as the weather has been allowing.


Photo Jun 12, 1 17 06 PM




Of course, I’m not swimming! I am just resting in the shade reading a good book- Lifeguards are apparently a mother’s unsung heroes!  I need to update my Books I’ve Read list one of these days and see how I’m doing on it. Besides some fun books (Just finished The Invention of Wings which was AMAZING!!) I’ve been working my way through the Bible. I finished the NT and now am starting back at the beginning- up to Exodus so far. It’s been slow going; I just have so many questions! In addition, I’m reading an introduction to systematic theology book before diving into Systematic Theology. I am a glutton for punishment, I suppose.  But the girls are also taking a Zumba class weekly so that gives me a little more time to read. They loved it, but Baggins was deathly embarrassed every time she caught me smiling and watching her.


Photo Jun 11, 6 08 05 PM



And on the days it’s just all too much, everyone is cranky and I just can’t take it, I sneak out to the deck for a “time-out” and enjoy my flowers and a cup of coffee. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, it isn’t many. *wink*


Photo Jun 15, 4 36 00 PM



How do you escape on those crazy days?