A Thief in Our Midst

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I have some disturbing news to share today.  Yesterday, it came to my attention that someone on Facebook has been spending the last THREE YEARS taking pictures of my kids from this blog and posting them on her Facebook page in order to pass them off as her kids.
Now, when I first learned this I was skeptical, but then it was proven to me beyond doubt.  Second, I was definitely weirded out, but also kinda angry.  I mean, who the fuck does this?  What gives her the right to steal my children’s images?  She didn’t carry them inside them for 33 weeks or spend 9 horribly long weeks on bed rest. She doesn’t carry the scar. She didn’t sit on the back steps and sob from exhaustion and frustration just simply overwhelmed at times.  She didn’t hold Baggins, rubbing her back and willing her to breathe, scared she was going to die and stay that awful gray color when she choked and nearly died. She didn’t put up with the long sleepless nights for months on end and battle night terrors.  Those are all mine.
But then I stopped to think about it more.  This woman has children of her own and for whatever reason this is not enough joy for her.  I realized that more than any other emotion, I pity her.  And I realize she might have my children’s photos and a really great made up story, but she doesn’t have the 10,000,000 kisses and hugs I’ve received.  She doesn’t get to kiss the boo-boos and be the hero.  She doesn’t get to snuggle by them and love every inch of them even their bad breath. She doesn’t get to hear their voices or see their smiles in person and the way their faces light up.  She doesn’t get the made up songs and off key ballads. She doesn’t get any of that- it’s all mine.
And sadly, all of those things she has the opportunity to do with her own children are not enough and are shadowed by her lies.  What will her kids say when they learn of their mother’s deceit? Will they wonder why they weren’t enough? How will that effect them? What will she tell them? Will they doubt everything she told them including words of love? I know I would. So I pity her in the now and I pity her in the long run. There is no happiness for any of that family that I can foresee. I see sorrow and emptiness.
I don’t wish to be part of any public ousting that may take place.  I will not sink to that level.  I have my children and all the joy and all the fear and all the sorrows and all of the wonder and I don’t need anything more than that.
I entertained my options moving forward only briefly before I realized that I LOVE sharing my children with the world and I am not willing to let one or two unscrupulous people take that away from me.  So you will continue to see their beautiful faces here and for those of you who follow me on Facebook.  I won’t stop living my life. I won’t stop loving my children and showing you their wonders as I swell with pride.

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  1. Lori!

    You are not the first person I know to have this happen to you. It is disturbing. You can always leave a watermark over the picture so no one can post it.